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For over 20 years, clients have relied on me to help them make their best impression in English and French.


Language Coaching in English and french

I offer individualized, goal-oriented language coaching in English and French for business professionals, private individuals and students.

French to English translation

As a native English speaker, I specialize in business and financial translation as well as translation of wine-related texts from French to English.

I have years of first-hand experience in each of these areas and solid credentials to match. As a result, my translations clearly and authentically communicate the intended message.


Editing in English

I proofread and edit a wide range of texts and finance-related academic texts written in English by non-native speakers.


Language Coaching in English and French

Business English coaching

As a certified language instructor with many years of experience, I offer Business English coaching for professionals.

My coaching is individualized and goal-oriented. You will make a better impression in English after working with me.

Personalized language coaching is particularly meaningful for individuals preparing for presentations, negotiations or job interviews in English - all of which can be very demanding for non-native speakers. We will work towards your specific needs and you will be much more confident when you take the floor.

French instruction

With a Master’s in French and over 20 years’ experience in teaching French, I offer General and Business French courses, preparation for the DELF exams and tutoring for students and adults.

I hold the DALF C2 diploma which is the highest diploma of French as a foreign language. I am keenly aware of the challenges learners face and how to overcome them. While sharing my passion for the language and culture, my objective is to help clients reach their goals and truly enjoy learning French.

French to English Translation, Specializing in Business, Financial and Wine Translation

Business and financial translation

With 18 years’ experience in the language services industry and 7 in banking and investments in the US and Switzerland, I have the linguistic expertise and financial industry knowledge and experience to help companies overcome the challenge of communicating their message effectively in English.


My academic qualifications include a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, a Master’s degree in French and a Postgraduate Certificate in Translation Studies.

I keep up to date with the latest trends and developments that affect the financial industry and investors, and actively pursue professional development.

I specialize in the following areas: Swiss business communications, investment and asset management, market commentary and analysis, and sustainable finance.

translation of wine-related texts

My passion for wine and winemaking has led me to the successful pursuit of the expert-level WSET Diploma in Wines & Spirits. I obtained this internationally-recognized professional qualification in 2013 and was awarded the title of Weinakademiker by the Austrian Wine Academy in 2014.

Translating wine-related texts and effectively communicating the nuances and expressions of taste, terroir, producer philosophy and wine culture is no easy task. It requires in-depth knowledge of wine, mastery of the source and target languages, and a true passion for the complex world of wine. Clients rely on me to communicate their message in English with competence and passion.

I translate websites, wine tasting notes, promotional materials, articles on wine and wine & food, and wine tourism information.

I am dedicated to offering efficiency, reliability and respect for deadlines, while consistently demonstrating professionalism and confidentiality. I am an associate member of ASTTI, the Swiss Association of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters.

Editing and Proofreading in English

I proofread a wide range of business and finance-related academic texts written in English by non-native speakers. Editing is an essential aspect of written communication and involves:

  • producing texts which are grammatically and stylistically correct;

  • conforming to industry or sector-specific terminology requirements;

  • ensuring corporate identity in written communication;

  • producing texts whose register and degree of formality comply with target-audience norms and expectations.

I am a member of MET, Mediterranean Editors & Translators.




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